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A client comments
10 months after a Breakthrough Session ... 

I am glad others will get to experience the wonders of the Breakthrough process. It has been the single
 most important thing in my entire life, and I have been searching my entire life for this. The hundreds of thousands of pages I have read, all of the self help stuff over 25 years cannot compare to the few hours we spent in the session last December.


What other clients are saying ...

 “For 13 years I was a mediocre insurance advisor.  I knew I wanted more and was capable of more but just couldn’t break through and defeat my chattering doubt monkeys.  I finally took some action in 2003 and met with Wauneen.  I immediately saw results.  My income doubled in my first year and more importantly I began having lots of fun in my business, which was one of my primary objectives in engaging Wauneen’s services. 
In 2005, I was recognized by Manulife Financial as the #1 Living Benefits Advisor in Canada and finished in the top 10 of all insurance advisors across Canada.  Amazing results even beyond my expectations!  I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Wauneen and the quick, painless and enjoyable methods that she employs.  The only prerequisite for success in her program is your own desire to succeed and an open minds to the process. 
 I recommend Innergize Training to anyone who wants to become great….now.”

Mark Halpern, CFP

I had a major performance issue at work that was related to unproductive behaviours that were deeply ingrained.  This was a wake up call for me:  I needed to make changes or  lose my job.  I wanted to make the changes, but I didn't know how.  With a Breakthrough coaching session the problem behaviours were replaced
with functional ones.  Areas which once had been problematic became areas of strength.  My transformation was truly a breakthrough and it set me on the road for great personal and career success.
Vice President
Software Development

NLP Training Coaching and Consulting: Communications, Motivation, Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Team Building, Leadership
Innergize ... inspire, engage, energize!


Innergize Breakthrough Coaching  

Innergize Breakthrough Coaching is about harnessing and extending your abilities. Aligning the power of your unconscious mind with the goals you value most. Whatever your focus - career, balancing work:life demands, managing competing priorities or gaining clarity around key issues - you will feel more in control of your life after the Breakthrough process. 

Within two to three weeks people usually notice their productivity has increased and they have more energy for the things that are important in their life. And the work is 'generative' which simple means you can expect to have positive changes across all areas of your life.

It's a quick, comfortable and effective process for increasing individual productivity and turning stress into positive energy.

Here's how it works

First, you'll clear any obstacles blocking your success ...
  • Competing priorities causing you to 'spin your wheels' and feel trapped in a cycle of effort with little reward.

  • Stress from the constant pressure to do more with less time and fewer resources.

  • Lack of focus.

  • Beliefs that limit your motivation - often based on imperfect memories and judgments.

Then you'll harness the power of your mind ...

  • Discover how can transfer your personal best strategies to all areas of your life.

  • Gain a fresh perspective that transforms stress into positive energy.

  • Manage your own motivation and focus on important tasks.

  • Align what you do – how you spend your time, your energy – with who you are and what you find fulfilling.

And the benefits?

Expect to ...
  • Accomplish more and do it in less time.

  • Stay mentally sharp. Energized. Less stressed by day-to-day events.

  • Increase sales and productivity, initially and over the long term.

  • Enhance your business and personal relationships.

  • Enjoy more balance, more satisfaction and fun, on-the-job and off.

When Other Types Of Coaching Fail ...
While there is still a place for traditional business coaching, it has little effect on many of the issues that hold people back.

Innergize Breakthrough Coaching delivers results by working at a level of mind where habits and behaviours are formed, activating what neuroscience calls super systems.

Activating super systems – deeply held values and beliefs – creates longer lasting and more ecological changes in behaviour. It's a powerful process for moving people forward at a faster pace!

And the best part?  It requires minimal time commitment!
Innergize Breakthrough Coaching
takes five to seven hours and is usually completed in two sessions.  It is a one-to-one process, scheduled around your time.

So you can be confident the changes will stick, your Breakthrough package will include a two hour follow-up session and three months support by telephone.

The session focuses on the area (career, health, family, relationships) you feel will make the biggest difference in your life. Where you want to clear away roadblocks – unhelpful behavious, outdated beliefs and emotions – and achieve more of your potential.

If you're working in a high pressure, demanding environment, or are just ready to enjoy more success, more choice and more control in your life, then here's the next step.  

The Psychological Edge
High performance athletes have been working with mental coaches for years. To sharpen their focus, overcome past events and choke points, to develop their mental toughness.  Now business people want the same psychological edge. Why not you? 

Innergize Breakthrough Coaching uses NLP processes that have been field-tested since the late 1970's. (Neuroscience has validated many of the theories held true by NLP – about how we make decisions and what drives our emotions and behaviour.)

Still wondering ... you'll find another perspective on this process on the Innergize Blog see NLP and Breakthrough Coaching. And sign up for our enews here.

Frequently asked questions
How do I tell if Breakthrough Coaching is right for me?

Perhaps the better question would be "How quickly do you bounce back from rejection and other unpleasant events?"

How much of your time is focused on goal-seeking behaviour?  Do you have activities you regularly avoid because of the stress they bring on?

Consider one recent study ....

“OUR STUDY shows that when in a positive mood, our visual cortex takes in more information, while negative moods result in tunnel vision. The up side of this (positive moods) is that we can see things from a more global, or integrative perspective. Taylor Schmitz, University of Toronto Study People Who Wear Rose Coloured Glasses See More,’ 2009

The more time you spend thinking about what you don't want, the less you can see the opportunities within your reach. And if that isn't enough, avoidance behaviour costs – time resources and resources. Negative thoughts produce stress, drain your energy and eat away at your health.

What other habits or beliefs do you have that could be blocking your success, happiness and satisfaction with life?

If you knew there was a quick acting, comfortable process that would clear away obstacles like these, would you be interested?

How does Breakthrough Coaching compare with standard business coaching?
The Innergize Breakthrough Coaching process has the same objective as traditional coaching. Helping people achieve important goals and outcomes, resolve problems and reduce stress.
So how is Innergize Breakthrough Coaching different?
Great question. Standard business coaching focuses on conscious, logical understanding of what needs to be done, and the steps or activities that need to be taken.

Innergize Breakthrough Coaching works at a higher level – where mental habits and behaviours are actually formed. (Some people would call it a deeper level.)

Think of it from this perspective, most of us have already spent a lot of time trying to analyze why we're not getting the results we want and what we should do about it.

So if knowing intellectually what you need to do to be more successful made it easy, you would have done it by now.

The real challenge is not knowing what to do, it's getting ourselves to do what we know, consistently.

And that is where the Breakthrough process shines. Because it helps you harness more of your own mental programs and internal resources in support of the changes you want. And the process is ... fun, comfortable, quick acting, and you'll be testing  your changes as you go!

Where does the process come from?
Innergize Breakthrough Coaching as a process, developed from studies in Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and values systems. The Innergize approach has been refined over years of experience assisting clients to make changes ... comfortably, quickly, and in ways they choose.
What do people who've been through the process say?
There are two testimonials on the left, but client comments are rarely posted because Breakthrough Coaching is personal and confidential.

Some people would say the best testimonials are referrals, and Innergize does receive an average of three to five referrals from every person going through the process.

How does that happen? Friends notice how quickly (Breakthrough) clients are moving forward, and ask how they did it.

Who else is taking advantage of these benefits?
The Innergize Breakthrough Coaching Process is used by sales professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone who wants to be more successful, gain a fresh perspective, or face change, challenge and stress with confidence.    

Human Resources practitioners use Innergize Breakthrough Coaching as a resource for executive development – improving relationship skills and increasing emotional intelligence, managing time and competing priorities. It is a powerful antidote for stress and burnout, as well.

We are happy to provide HR professionals with references.
The process is valuable for anyone who is ready to achieve more. The important question is ...

Are you ready to  harness the power of your own mind?

If your answer is yes, call Innergize Training Coaching Consulting
at 416-492-3200
 and we'll get started.
 You can also
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Cancellation policy: Sessions may be rescheduled up to 48 hours before start date. Sessions rescheduled within 24 hours may be subject to 50% reschedule fee, missed sessions will be invoiced at full cost.

Creating a path for change ...

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