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Systems Thinking Tools 
Resources For:
  • Managing Change And Innovation,
  • Planning and Problem solving

Your team can discover the value of System Thinking and how to apply many of the tools while working on an existing, high priority project. Practical, powerful, learning in action!

  • Is your organization feeling the effects of unexpected consequences from change management processes?
  • Are you operating in fire fighting mode more often than not? 
  • Are the challenges you face beginning to have a recurring theme?
If any of these statements ring true, you may benefit from the application of System Thinking Tools.
As business processes and the organizational environment becomes more dynamic and complex, business models that worked in the past will be less effective at managing change and innovation.
Traditional business models work to separate and analyze the parts of the system ...
  • The parts of the system may include the equipment, processes, departments and positions on the organizational chart.
  •  Parts can also include suppliers, customers and intangible elements involved in the change initiative.
... and spend little or no time considering the dynamic relationships that are integral to how well the system functions.
The dynamic relationships between the parts the people who fill the positions on the organizational chart for example - are less easy to label or measure.  Yet when these relationships fail, the system fails!

Systems Thinking
is based on the concept that we work and live in complex dynamic and interdependent systems.  Because systems operate as a whole, any action by any part of the system will eventually effect the whole system.
System Thinking provides a number of tools and disciplines for predicting the effects of change, understanding the structures and relationships within the system - that may be holding problems in place - and identifying the leverage points for effective change.
It recognizes that many of our attempts to solve tough problems often make matters worse and offers a method of mapping how changes in one element of a system influences the rest of the system over time. 
Innergize workshops take a team through the process of achieving a real business outcome using Systems Thinking Tools for problem solving, planning and managing the changes required to complete the project.
Discussions may include . . .
  • Understanding the thinking behind Systems Thinking.
  • When to use System Thinking Tools.
  • Changing perspectives with Behaviour Over Time (BOT) graphs.
  • Using Causal Loop Diagrams to illustrate business challenges graphically.
  • Looking for hidden relationships by tracing cause effect loops.
  • Using Systems Thinking Archetypes to diagnose structural issues.
  • Identifying leverage points for effective change.
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