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Sales Coaching, Business Coaching And NLP Coaching

Sales Coaching

Why consider sales coaching?
If you're a Seasoned professional or entrepreneur working mainly on your own.
If you're a time pressured sales manager.
If you think your sales process could benefit from a fresh approach.
You're a seasoned professional working mainly on your own . . .

For you, it may be about:

  • Focusing your abilities and being more productive.
  • Sharpening your skills and mastering the fine distinctions of sales excellence.

In More detail
One challenge of working on your own is ... you get very little feedback on what you do well or how you can be even better.  You either close the sale, or not.

While closing ratios may be good indicators of how you're doing now they offer little insight on how you can become more effective, more persuasive. 

Professionals who want to upgrade their sales skills without having to attend a workshop find ...

  • Working with a sales coach saves time and gets you immediate results. It's a cost effective way to advance your selling skills.

A coach can give you valuable feedback on ...

  • How well you listen, use questions and recognize unspoken customer needs by reading subtle clues sales people often miss because their focus is on presenting products.
If you're a time pressured sales manager.

It's about changing behaviour in the field. And giving individuals the support they need as they master new skills.

Why Sales Coaching offers a big payback

Sales coaching takes place in-the-field, making it a reliable way to bridge the gap between ‘knowing and doing.’  

  • Because it's easy to practice different techniques in a workshop. And using new skills with real customers is an entirely different ball game!
  • Coaching provides valuable third party feedback and support for sales people. Because despite their good intentions, sales managers rarely have time for adequate coaching. 
  • Sales coaching can also be very effective for providing new skills. Especially with seasoned sales people who are often more open to modeling what they observe in the field, than learning in a classroom setting. 
  • It may cover time and territory management, prospecting and cold calling skills, client presentations, interpersonal communications, and self-management issues.

Innergize also coaches sales managers who do have the time to coach their own people.

If you think your sales process could benefit from a fresh approach . . .
Have a look at ProActive Value Added Sales to see how the process aligns with your vision.

Full Benefits

  • Sales people are more productive and motivated because they receive feedback and coaching based on their own unique development needs.
  • Managers gain time for strategic planning, while ensuring their people integrate high performance behaviors into daily activities. 
  • Organizations see sales targets met and then exceeded while their people develop and grow.
NLP Business Coaching
For Sales, Managers, Teams, Communications (Just-In-Time training) and Performance Breakthrough Coaching
NLP multiplies the power of standard business coaching:
  • By removing the barriers to performance,
  • building resiliency and
  • providing tested processes for accelerating goal achievement.

For more see: Communications Coaching (Just-In-Time Training)
And: Innergize Performance Breakthrough Coaching (transforming mental habits and behaviours)

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