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NLP Training Coaching and Consulting: Communications, Motivation, Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Team Building, Leadership
Innergize ... inspire, engage, energize!


About Innergize Training and Wauneen McMonagle

helps individuals and organizations build resilience and achieve higher levels of excellence using processes from neuro-linguistics, accelerated learning, systems thinking tools (causal loop diagrams) and traditional business practices.

NLP provides practical processes for applying the elements of expert performance (identified by E. Anders Ericsson, Gregory Berns and others.)
These include:

  • expanding sensory awareness
  • enhancing situational awareness - seeing from different perspectives
  • increasing self regulation and social intelligence

We also work with values, attitudes and beliefs – higher level motivators for creating respectful and long term changes in behaviour.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming developed as a model for creating excellence in behaviour and communications. It began with analyzing (modeling) the behaviours and mental and physical states of people who consistently performed with excellence in their field.

These essential behaviors and mental and physical states can be broken into distinct elements, modified to achieve a desired result and then transferred to others. Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™ is a branch of NLP focusing on people, contexts and relationships, and the possibilities for transforming the way we live and work.

Systems Thinking 
Systems Thinking looks for the underlying structures and relationships supporting organizational behaviour. Causal loop diagrams and other System Thinking Tools can provide insights for resolving performance challenges like fixes-that-fail, unexpected consequences in problem solving and managing change and innovation.

Corporate Clients
Organizations who've worked with Innergize include BMO, Dalton Pharma Services, Foran Financial Institute, Moen Inc., Pearson Technology Group and Pearson Education, RBC Financial (DS and Special Markets), Rogers Cantel, Entourage, 407 ETR, Warehoused Plastic Sales, Seiden Health Management, Philips Electronics. Executives from a variety of industries have benefited from the Performance Breakthrough Coaching process.

Wauneen McMonagle CMH founder of Innergize, is a Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of both NLP, and Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology™; a Certified LAB Profile™ Trainer/Consultant and a Certified Master Hypnotherapist.  She has been using NLP to train, coach and consult since 1993.

Wauneen is recognized for Performance Breakthrough Coaching Sessions – a powerful process for accelerating individual performance.  Especially beneficial for people working in high stress environments juggling competing priorities. A quick acting solution for burnout and other roadblocks to success.

On a personal note ...
Before launching Innergize, Wauneen worked in sales, marketing and management positions for consumer products organizations including Philips Electronics and Hallmark Cards. These experiences provide a rich and often amusing pool of real life examples, anecdotes and stories, demonstrating the concepts and applications of neuro-linguistics in a business setting.

Innergize and NLP
offers Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification programs in (NLP and HNLP™) and Wauneen conducts NLP, sales and accelerated learning programs hosted by Foran Financial Institute.

Innergize is a recognized institute of the Canadian Association of NLP (CANLP) and member of the International Network For Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™ (INHNLP). Certification programs meet standards set by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and guidelines of CANLP and INHNLP.

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