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NLP Training Coaching and Consulting: Communications, Motivation, Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Team Building, Leadership
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NLP and HNLP Practitioner Training in Toronto Canada
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP
) Certification held in Toronto, Canada

NLP Training – An investment in your success

A few of the results you can expect:

  • Amplify your ability to influence with integrity

  • Harness the power of language - your WordPower

  • Discover how you've programmed yourself for success in some areas and not in others ...

  • Then activate new strategies for achieving more of the results you want!

While Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been around since the late 1970s, it is only recently with advances in technology and neuro-imaging, that the ideas and beliefs underpinning the model are becoming widely accepted as valid.

And while neuroscientists have been advancing evidence of how the mind, body and emotions interact, producing our decisions and behaviour ...

NLP has been field testing techniques – creating excellence in communications and behavior – for over 30 years.

A great observation about how NLP works is offered by UK author Carol Harris.¹ (In fact, NLP developed from and is based on these principles.)
  • Excellence in performance can be modeled (analyzed) and transferred from one person to another.

  • High performance requires development of both skills and corresponding mental and physical states.

  • Mental and physical states can be broken down into distinct elements and modified until the desired result is achieved.

¹ The Elements of NLP, 1998

Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology (HNLP™) is a branch of NLP emphasizing Ericksonian principles and language patterns plus concepts from quantum science, in addition to standard NLP. 

While people have different reasons for taking an NLP certification, most of our participants share one important value – making a difference in the world, contributing.

Still wondering what NLP is really? See more here

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Have you ever thought about the gap between knowing and doing?  Most of us know what we need to be doing to enjoy more success. Yet conscious understanding hardly ever guarantees success. The real challenge is in actually getting ourselves to do what we know needs doing. And doing it consistently.
Neuroscientists estimate that up to 95% of our decisions, emotions and behaviours are the result of unconscious mental processing. We simply use conscious thinking to justify our actions and generate plausible reasons for why we do what we do. 
The key to making better decisions, learning and changing easily, is in working with the unconscious mind.  The field of NLP has been teaching people how to harness the power of their unconscious minds for over thirty years—long before many would even acknowledge the concept. Thirty years to model, test and refine techniques.

1If you'd like to gather your own proof we recommend work by Joseph Le Doux and Thomas Damasio, both authors and internationally respected neuroscientists.


NLP offers practical techniques for improving:  

  • Communications

  • Leadership

  • Mediation and negotiation

  • Coaching and solution focused counseling

  • Public speaking

  • Social and emotional intelligence

Communicate with clarity – engage and inspire others

  • Craft compelling messages - verbal and written.

  • Use indirect language to dissolve resistance and engage diverse world views.

  • Develop a finely tuned awareness for unconscious signals – read the subtle non-verbal clues signaling the feelings and beliefs people are unable or reluctant to express.

  • Use precision questions to get the facts you need and loosen the concrete around judgmental thinking.

  • Apply the power of indirect language – open others to new ideas, perceptions and world views and neutralize resistance.  

Strengthen critical relationships and build cooperation

  • Use non-verbal behaviour to connect with others, deepen trust and rapport.

  • Learn how linguistic structures both create and reveal your own and others’ experience of reality.

  • Deliver critical information quickly and accurately by matching the other person’s preferred sensory channel. Increase clarity and avoid misunderstandings.

  • Discover how easy it is to alter the meaning of experience using subtle shifts in language.

  • Use advanced language patterns to negotiate agreements, unlock resources and expand choice when people are feeling stuck, or limited.

  • Enhance all your relationships—business and personal.

Expand your flexibility and control in challenging situations
  • Maintain focus and concentration using proven methods to enter the zone - the state of flow - where you perform at your best.

  • Control your response to life’s unpredictable events and access personal resources when and where you want them.

  • Replace ineffective mental programming – unconscious, habitual thinking patterns – with new strategies for achieving the results you and others want.
  • Expand your own and others' resources using practical NLP processes for creating change in any context:

    Reframing, anchoring, submodalities, Ericksonian language patterns (Milton Model), resolving internal conflicts (parts integrations), relationship resolutions, time based techniques and more. 

  • Apply the power of NLP presuppositions – guiding principles – supporting yourself and others in achieving excellence.

NLP Practitioner Training is an investment in your success.
Ask your favorite speaker, author, sales wizard or leadership guru and chances are they've been trained in NLP. 

NLP is used by executive coaches, mediators and negotiators, traders, athletes and others in high pressure, high performance fields.

Your Innergize Practitioner Experience ...
Is realistic about how much you can absorb and digest at one time. So you'll have 12 full days of class time – spread over 3 sessions and 3 months.

Between sessions, you can apply your new skills in ‘real world’ situations. Experience the power for yourself. Then share your questions and your successes at the following session.

A sound track of a complete practitioner program will also be available. It is a great product for review and ongoing learning ... the more you listen, the more you'll hear. Because there is always more going on ...

  1. You'll learn both the theory—what science can tell us about how and why NLP works—and have a step-by-step process making NLP easy for you to understand and apply. In any setting.
  2. You'll see demonstrations and get hands-on practice during exercises, followed by discussion and shared learning.
  3. You'll learn in a small group setting where you can benefit from individual coaching and support from the trainer. 
  4. You'll cover the full curriculum of techniques and standards set by national and international NLP associations². These standards require a minimum of 150 hours of instructor led content for Practitioner Certification so ... 
  5. As part of your Innergize package, you receive a complete Practitioner program on MP3 CDs. Reviewing this program plus your 12 days of classroom instruction, ensures you meet the time requirement for Certification.

    Multiply your learning: review the audio program from time to time and you'll discover a deeper levels of meaning ... as you're ready for more.
  6. Work with a Certified NLP and HNLP™ Trainer with over 15 years practical business experience managing sales teams, coaching, mentoring, training and consulting with NLP.
  7. Receive ongoing mentoring as you apply NLP in your career and your life.

A sound track of a complete practitioner program will also be available. It's a great product for review and ongoing learning. The more you listen, the more you'll hear, because there is always more going on ...

See the Innergize blog and click on Learning NLP for more.

²Innergize is a member of the International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology.™ (INHNLP™)

You may have met people who say they ‛know’ NLP, but seem unable to apply what they know. This program has been designed to ensure you enjoy using and profiting from the skills you're learning.

What benefits can you expect?
For well over 30 years NLP has been studying people who consistently achieve peak performance in their fields, asking “How is that possible?”

What are these successful people doing differently? How are they thinking and communicating? What are their mental strategies for processing information - what neuro-linguistic programs are they running?

And most importantly, how can those critical skills be learned and shared so that others become better communicators, negotiators, leaders, coaches athletes, parents?

NLP has been called ‘the new technology of achievement’ and the science of success, because it offers a guide for understanding and reproducing excellence in any field that has human performance as a key element. Tested, step-by-step processes you can use for yourself.

During the program people being noticing they have more success, more confidence and  are enjoying more satisfaction with their lives. Business and personal relationships improve and they have more work/life balance.

When the program is completed you will have learned and practiced some of the most powerful, enduring and practical skills for achieving your goals and your life's purpose.

Here's what else others are saying about the Innergize NLP experience

Wonderful personally and professionally, to achieve a learning I have long wanted. And to break through to new goals beyond my earlier expectations. I am amazed and delighted. Thank you so much.
B. W., Certified Financial Planner

This training exceeded my  expectations.  The content is well designed, aligned with adult learning principals and the facilitation was absolutely exceptional. The trainer has an incredible gift of leveraging the concepts and linking them to exactly where the learner is at.  I personally learned so much from her as a trainer.”
V. W., Consultant and Trainer

“NLP is the ‛missing link’ in most  seminars promising to advance your career!”
F. K.,  Financial Advisor

Wow! Far exceeded my wildest expectations. True life changing impacts. Will recommend to many.
S. C., IT Consultant

Excellent program. Comprehensive.  Inspiring and fun! (Trainer) is an  excellent model of the effectiveness of NLP.  Resourceful, expansive and always in uptime!”
S. B.,  MD 

This is the most professional training I have ever experienced.  It wasn't until this training that I was able to integrate several other NLP seminars.”
T. H., Sales Consultant

This course was the best investment I ever made in me. I came with a laundry list for change such as the ability to make a difference, clarity and confidence.  I am here today with so much more ... I have found purpose and courage to expand my expectations. A life changing experience!  From my heart thank you!” 
L. B., Administrative Assistant

The training was enlightening and  revealing. I'm leaving with a greater sense of purpose, contentment and  fulfillment.  (Trainer) was exceptional in dealing with the many personal issues that arose.  A caring and  insightful person.  Fabulous!”
A. R., Certified Financial Planner

I felt very comfortable about the confidence, knowledge and experience  of the trainer.  The type of training that the course involves far out  performs any learning that I expected. I attained my goal in the first 2 days and continued to learn for 8 more days. Bonus!”
 V. R., Financial Planner

This was a fabulous experience. Lots of great learning.  I can't wait for  Master Practitioners.  The board  breaking was a super way to end the program!”
J. G., Change Consultant

This course has truly opened new avenues for me. The quality of the training was outstanding.  (Trainer) is simply incredible.”
 R. L., Senior Customer Service Consultant

Wow! There is so much to learn ... I can't wait to practice these techniques with people to help them in their lives. I realize it will take time to master this but with practice and listening to the tapes I will conquer.
S. A., Financial Consultant

Excellent. I have never felt so comfortable with someone in a very  short time.  I loved every minute of it.”
 A. G., Engineer 
  For more comments see: Client Comments

Practitioners Board Break party demonstrates a fun side of mastering new skills 

10 or 12 days of hands-on training and coaching will give you an opportunity to learn, practice and integrate a wide range of communication and personal mastery skills. Read on, or call 416-492-3200 or Contact Us  by email.

2016 Fall Weekend Dates:  
This certification program runs for 12 full days
over three Thursday to Sunday weekends.   
Part I:   September 2017 TBA
Part II:  October 2017, TBA
Part III: November 2017, TBA

1:00 p.m.– 8:00 p.m. Thursday/Friday
10 a.m.– 6 p.m. Saturday/Sunday

Investment: $2,695 Canadian + 13% HST
Ask about our early bird special when you book.

Call 416-492-3200 for information and to reserve your place. (Class size is limited.)

Toronto, Ontario.

Instructor: Wauneen McMonagle, Certified Trainer of NLP and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™, Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Certified LAB Profile Trainer and Consultant.

Important: Certification will be awarded to those individuals who successfully complete this course and demonstrate their ability to use NLP in an ethical and professional manner.
All others will receive a certificate of completion.

Innergize Training Coaching Consulting is a recognized Institute and member of the International Network For Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™ (INHNLP™) This training meets international standards set by the INHNLP™ in addition to CANLP and American Board of NLP (ABNLP) recommendations. 


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