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Communications Coaching-Workplace Coaching

With NLP based communications coaching you can:

Improve the quality of meetings and turn conflicts into productive discussions focused on positive outcomes. 

Increase the emotional intelligence of key people and help cross-functional teams communicate and collaborate effectively.

Use workplace communications coaching to support technical staff and subject matter experts by developing the people skills needed to advance careers.

Use when you need to:

  • Improve communications, increase teamwork and strengthen customer relationships.

  • Increase productivity.

  • Assist people in managing change, challenge, conflict and stress.

Why Workplace Coaching?
Support your team with a different approach   
Changing beliefs and behaviour happens one person at a time. Give each team member the personal attention they need to feel engaged and committed.

Communications and workplace coaching introduces new skills when and where people need them. It is respectful and relevant for each person's experience and situation.

It provides an effective method for clearing stress and beliefs that may be blocking performance.  (For extreme stress and burnout we recommend the Breakthrough Coaching  process.)

Communications and workplace coaching is a practical alternative to classroom training.

  • It's Cost Effective
    A tactical, performance focused alternative that delivers observable results.
  • Handles ‛inter-personal’ conflicts
    Sensitive issues can be resolved comfortably, respectfully and often in amazingly little time.
  • Commitment Is Higher
    Because people receive support tailored to their individual needs and interests, ‛ResponseAbility’ increases.
  • Skill Transfer Increases
    Real world practice, feedback and testing gives people a personal experience with the skills. Improvement is quick, comfortable and easily noticed.  Motivation to succeed grows.
  • Saves Time
    People are coached on the resources they need, by-passing lengthy reviews of skills they've already mastered.
Communications coaching gives people the skills they need and a fresh new perspective. Poor communication impacts teamwork, drains energy, reduces productivity and all too often results in valuable employees leaving their jobs.

Communications coaching and consulting is a powerful resource used by managers who understand that change happens one person at a time ... and that sometimes you need to bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

Improve your team's communication skills and you'll increase commitment, engagement and motivation. As personal responsibility increases, productivity grows.

Contact us to discuss the benefits you'd like to achieve. It may be easier than you think. 

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