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Friday Night At The ER An interactive Learning Game 

Friday Night At The ER - A Team Game
Innergize is now licensed to facilitate Friday Night At The ER an inter-active team learning game designed to teach the principles of Systems Thinking, process improvement and team performance.

A great resource for customer service teams, cross-functional teams, team building and learning.

Friday Night At The ER ... is a board game for multiple teams of four.  Each player on a team manages one of four cross functional hospital departments during a busy Friday night.

Teams track customer service levels and costs.
At the end of the game they can compare their results against a benchmark as well as with other teams. The game may be repeated with different combinations of players on a team.

Because the game is designed to reveal each player's mental model and preferred way of operating at work, it is a valuable tool for integrating new members into an organizational team.

Friday Night At The ER has been used in learning sessions with thousands of people. Its engaging, its fun and its effective!

Why does Friday Night At The ER work?
  • The simulation feels like the real world of management.
  • Players become absorbed in the game play so that their mental models, their work style and their typical operating behaviours naturally come through.
  • People come away with both a personal experience and a shared experience that they can relate to their work, both during the learning session and later on the job.
  • Lessons of the game are generic. People find it relevant to the challenges they are facing in a complex world no matter what industry they are in.
Uses For Friday Night At the ER
  • Orienting a new team who must collaborate to achieve a shared purpose.
  • Improving collaboration within an existing team and across business units.
  • Preparing for a major change initiative.
  • Introducing principles of Systems Thinking, Process Improvement, Redesign, or other specific disciplines.
  • Supporting leadership development in such areas as self-directed work teams, change management, customer satisfaction, conflict management.
Learning from Friday Night At the ER
To excel in the game, as in the real world, individuals must consistently collaborate, innovate and drive decisions with data.
  • Collaborate: see that they are interdependent contributors to a system and share responsibility for system performance.
  • Innovate: break out of conventional thinking boundaries to adapt the processes of the system to meet customers' needs.
  • Drive decisions with data: learn what customers want, measure performance and provide performance feedback throughout.
What Clients say about Friday Night At the ER
Very good! Satisfying day.  Met all of my objectives.
People had fun and learned!

L. R., Director 
The activities were a lot of fun and extremely educational. The lessons to be learned sort of 'snuck out at you, while (you were) participating in the activities.
S. A., Communications
An enlightening session, especially relevant in today's changing work environment.
S. B., Senior Information Officer

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