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Meta Program Resources Mastering Meta Programs easily!

NLP Meta Program Materials:
For Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Managers, Mediators, Sales Professionals and Teams. 

Meta Program Resources: Guides, Cards, Booklet

Meta Programs
are a powerful combination of filters running quietly in the background directing our perception - what we notice and pay attention to and what we unconsciously edit out of our awareness.
These mini ‛mental programs’ drive our motivation and govern how we think, function and make decisions in specific types of activities and situations.
If you’re already familiar with Meta Programs you know how powerful they really are!
Yet, you may still be looking for an easy way to share these important unconscious programs with others. If this is true for you read on ...
Who benefits from using Meta Programs?
Sales Professionals, Managers, Coaches, Consultants, Mediators And Trainers ...
  • Meta Programs enable you to quickly and accurately identify what it will take to motivate individual clients and employees, and predict  how they will function in a given task and environment.
  • When you are fluent in the language of Meta Programs you can present your ideas in the most influential and persuasive language, because you know how to embed the precise words listeners need to hear to be motivated.
... And Teams
  • When teams are familiar with Meta Programs they know how to take advantage of each member's unique ability to contribute.
  • When conflicts happen they are quickly resolved, often with a humorous word or two.
  • Stress levels drop and creativity and productivity increase because everyone begins to appreciate the value of having different perspectives on the team.
Three new products make it easier for you to use and share the benefits of these powerful filters.
1. Meta Program Guides
2. Influencing Language Cards
3. Meta Programs At Work Booklet
Meta Program Guides
See Picture above.
  • Laminated 8 ½" by 11" pages designed as quick reference guides for meta programs.
  • Colourful graphics demonstrate the key concepts quickly and text offers suggestions for application.
Three Guides (6 filters) For Sales Professionals
1.  Side 1  Introduction to Meta Programs
Side 2  Motivation Direction (Towards—Away)        

2.  Side 1  Motivation Reason
 Side 2  Motivation Relationship
3.  Side 1  Motivation Source (Internal—External)        
     Side 2  Motivation Relationship
Five Guides for General Use:
Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Leading and Team Building

1.  Side 1  Introduction to Meta Programs    
 Side 2  Motivation Direction (Towards—Away)     

2.  Side 1  Motivation Reason (Options—Procedures)   
  Side 2  Motivation Relationship

3.  Side 1  Motivation Source (Internal—External)
     Side 2  Motivation Relationship
4.   Side 1  Action Level (Proactive—Reactive)     
      Side 2 Scope/Chunk (General—Specific)      

5.  Side 1  Stress Response
     Side 2  Attention Direction (Self—Others)           

Order guides by number, in any combination you choose. $6.95 Canadian each, plus shipping.
In Canada, add GST and Ontario sales tax (Ontario only.)
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