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ProActive Value Added Sales Training

A program for Sales Teams - includes skills and process assessments, workshops and sales coaching. Suitable for business to business, business to consumer, professional  services and consultants. 
A Customized Sales Training Program for sales teams:
  • Re-invent your sales process refine who you prospect and how you manage sales relationships.
  • Refresh your outlook break out of mental comfort zones and update their skills, attitudes and beliefs about how customers make buying decisions. 
  • Become proactive sales planners focus on high value activities, customers and accounts. And avoid getting bogged down by reactive activities just to feel needed and busy.
  • Go beyond superficial listening and questioning skills discover the deeper needs customers can't or won't talk about, the secret to compelling value added sales.  

ProActive Value Added Sales training combines workshops, planning sessions and field sales coaching tailored to your team, your market, your goals and strategic objectives.

The process can be this simple:

  1. Assess current skills of each team member get to know your people.
  2. Identify opportunities to upgrade both skills and process.
  3. Provide tailored workshops and planning sessions.
  4. Use field coaching to speed up the transfer of new skills to real world sales activities, support individual needs and gather feedback.

In more detail ...

  We begin by listening.  Gathering input from you and your team.  Identifying what they do well, what could be improved, where there are gaps between performance and potential.  This includes face-to-face interviews and observation in the field.

  Then together, we'll review strategies and alternatives, agree on methods, set measurable targets and a time line.  Methods include workshop content, fine tuning sales processes, coaching and planning sessions, other elements as needed.

  Workshop content may include:

  • identifying new markets and opportunities;

  • developing profiles of high value customers;

  • proactive sales territory analysis and planning, proactive versus reactive sales activities;

  • templates for prospecting;

  • buyer pressure points rational needs and emotional triggers and associations;

  • value added sales techniques;

  • selling at different levels in organizations;

  • sensory based listening and questioning skills and the sense-feel-think-do decision model.

  Coaching may consist of individual planning sessions as well as field sales coaching.

Ongoing telephone and email support as part of the package.

Why the process is effective
There is a world of difference between learning a technique in a workshop and applying the new skill in the field with customers.  

Field sales coaching supports the transfer of new sales skills to real world activities. 

  • Sales people receive back-up, feedback and encouragement as they step out of their comfort zone and move toward a new level of expertise. 
  • Commitment to new behaviour deepens when people have a direct experience of the benefits.
  • A coach can covertly demonstrate subtle sensory listening and questioning skills, building credibility for the techniques and giving sales people a reference experience to model.
  • Sales managers can focus on strategic goals knowing their team will get the support needed for the adoption of new skills.

The program is tailored to your team, your market and your strategic goals.

  • Gathering up-front input from the team builds buy-in and ownership.
  • Workshops focus on the skills your people need to learn or refresh, saving time often spent on skills they've already mastered.
  • Individual needs are easily identified and supported with one-to-one coaching.
  • The team has a vehicle for sharing ideas and competencies, identifying missed opportunities and developing strategies for increasing their share of the market.
Take performance up a notch!  Re-energize your team.
  • Focusing on ProActive sales activities gives sales teams a new sense of purpose and control.
When they STOP ... and think about it, most sales people are shocked at the amount of time eaten up by personally handling every customer request or problem. Dropping off samples, checking on back orders  reacting to events that could easily be resolved by others on the customer service team. 
  • Value added selling, listening and questioning skills enable sales teams to activate the deeply held personal needs driving customer buying decisions critical elements to motivating and persuading.
When sales teams face competitive pressure on pricing, we tell them to sell the value added benefits. But real value is determined by customers, in their terms.  And most sales teams haven't been given the tools to move beyond the superficial rational (plausible) reasons customers offer for the decisions they make.
Think this may be a fit for your team?
The challenges facing your team may be similar to others in your industry, yet your organization and your people offer distinct advantages. 

By addressing the individual needs of your team, sharpening and focusing their abilities on productive activities, they'll be more engaged, more resilient, and more productive.

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