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Team Learning & Team Building
 Focuses on principles for building effective teams
  • Begin with a shared goal - one that inspires!
  • Evolve and grow when team members recognize and value the unique strengths, perspectives and working styles each person brings to the table.
  • Team conflicts are neutralized when people realize their disagreements usually signal a difference in working styles. Once people recognize this as the cause of the conflict, they can easily appreciate the (balancing) value of a different perspective. 
A Team Inventory
Measure the strength of your team in 6 critical performance areas:

Common purpose              ● Accepted leadership
Clear roles                        Effective processes
Effective communications   Solid relationships
Managing Conflict and Negotiating
Increase recognition of mental models and how cultures and unique experiences shape the way we identify choices and make decisions.
  • Creating safe environments where teams experiment with new behaviours and expand their choices for responding to conflict and challenge.
Team Building ● Team Learning
Focuses on specific critical areas affecting team performance (see Team Inventories above.)

Create an open environment where ideas are freely exchanged and the contributions of each team member respected.
  • Developing a team vision.
  • Exploring different values.
  • Providing an experience of how current attitudes and behaviours are effecting the team’s results.
  • Experimenting with new ways of working together and demonstrating the potential of the team.
Planning And Organizing
We use games and simulations specifically designed to reduce the tension and resistance to planning and organizing.
  • Assisting people to learn more about their own preferences for planning and organizing.
  • Understanding the value of collaborating and combining different strengths, to achieve outcomes beyond the capabilities any individual.
Systems Thinking & Change Management
Simulations and games developed to introduce the concept of Systems Thinking:

That we all operate within dynamic, complex and inter- dependent systems where the relationships between elements have a critical affect on performance of the system over time.

And to demonstrate the contribution of System Thinking Tools for planning, problem solving and decision making:
  • Preparing for change initiatives
  • Increasing collaboration across business units
  • Integrating new functions and team members
  • Supporting leadership development
  • Predicting the effects of change and innovation
  • Recognizing unexpected consequences of actions
  • Looking for structures and relationships supporting recurring problems
  • Shifting perspectives to discover leverage points for change.

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