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Are you concerned about Productivity & Motivation?
Should you be?

Could rapid change and uncertainty be hampering your team's productivity and lowering motivation?  Pushing people to the edge of burn out?

Are You or Others in your Organization Driving ‘With One Foot On The Brake?’
Take a Quick Quiz to find out.
  1. Does your team frequently go through periods when work life balance takes a back seat to running and growing the business?
  1. Have you have downsized, right sized or reengineered work processes in the last 18 months?
  1. Do managers say they'd like to develop their people through informal coaching, but simply don't have the time?
  1. Do you have employees who consistently underachieve even though they have the knowledge and skill level to do a great job—and their managers haven't been able to figure out why?
  1. Do people often comment that it feels like they are working longer and harder just to stay in place.
  1. Are strategically important tasks frequently interrupted or put on hold while managers deal with unexpected and urgent demands.
  1. Do a number of people appear to be overwhelmed and seem to believe it is not possible to achieve the organization's goals under existing conditions.
  1. Does your organization have a valuable staff member, a high performer whose lack of people skills is having a negative effect on others. (Perhaps addressing the issue directly with the person is not an option.)
If you answered YES to three or more of these quiz questions, people are probably driving with one foot on the break. Performance and productivity may be blocked by low motivation, stress and burnout.
Workplace Coaching could get your people back up to cruising speed by clearing away the hidden barriers to high performance - conflicting priorities, outdated beliefs and mental baggage from past events. Workplace coaching can give your people a new perspective, expanding their awareness for resources they already have. People feel acknowledged, appreciated, energized! Engagement, responsibility and commitment increases.
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