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Workplace Conflicts and Handling Sensitive Issues

This in-house program will prepare employees to handle conflicts in the workplace and beyond. Sensitive issues, sticky situations and workplace conflicts are a fact of life.  They are uncomfortable, stressful, and unproductive.

Yet workplace conflicts can also be an opportunity for creativity, growth and understanding. Improving the both the quality and quantity of communications. When you have a simple, respectful, direct way of handling difficult conversations. 

This program offers techniques for neutralizing workplace conflicts, dealing with difficult people, sensitive personal and professional issues. People see the value of skills that will improve relationships outside of work as well.

An action plan for neutralizing conflicts
Transform personal and professional differences into mutual opportunities for learning and growth. Clear potential issues before they grow roots. Attitudes change, relationships are strengthened and cooperation increases.

  • Prepare - analyze the cost versus benefit of acting

  • Adopt useful beliefs for successful communication

  • Test drive the other person's perceptions - get valuable feedback from past communications and rehearse future conversations

  • Frame the conversation

  • Defuse negative emotions

  • Recover missing information - 5 crucial questions 

  • Four traps to avoid

  • Stay focused on positive outcomes

After the workshop participants leave with an action plan and visual cue cards that will guide them through their next sensitive or difficult conversation.

When presented in-house, this is a one day program with follow-up. Follow-up may be workshop style or workplace coaching.

The public programs offered this summer run two days, with the extra day replacing formal follow-up. After class support by phone and email is always available. 

Contact us directly if you'd like more information for your organization.

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