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What participants say

“Excellent course and instructor.  (It) has brought together all the elements
  of NLP into a cohesive pattern and I really appreciate it being in an immediately usable form.”

 S. B., MD

“Changes occur in Master
  Practitioner! You get the tools to change the blueprint for your life.  As promised, exceptional value and
  incredible training in an immediately usable format. (Trainer) is a wonderful leader and teacher.

 L.B. Administrative Assistant

Excellent process for breakthrough
  training.  Builds charisma,
  confidence, awareness, rapport, and
  even more humor into your
  professional and personal life. Very personal touch!

 B. T., General Manager

“This is a great program both from a personal and professional perspective. Wauneen, is a wonderful trainer, coach and mentor. Thank you!”
 J. G., Change Consultant



NLP Training Coaching and Consulting: Communications, Motivation, Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Team Building, Leadership
Innergize ... inspire, engage, energize!


NLP Master Practitioner Training In Toronto Canada

NLP training with a focus on practical business applications. With examples, techniques and processes developed specifically for and by business practitioners so you can experience, practice and experiment with your NLP skills in a variety of contexts. From coaching individuals, aligning teams and training groups, to a modeling project, you'll be honing your NLP skills and transforming your own results. And in this NLP training you'll work with an instructor who has been coaching and consulting in a business setting for 20 years.
Includes NLP business applications and resources
If you are in the business of leading a team, selling ideas, marketing products, or helping people, this Master Practitioner means Business!  And it's held in Toronto!
Your Innergize Master Practitioner Certification program provides some of the most powerful and effective tools available today for understanding, motivating and assisting people and organizations to achieve more of the results they want. And do it in less time.
So whether you work in Sales, Management, coaching or counseling others, or simply want to be better at managing and coaching yourself, you’ll be amazed by how quickly the Master Practitioner content becomes an essential part of everything you do.
What Will You Learn?
Master Practitioner (time estimates are for the 10 day intensive): See the Innergize Blog for  why we prefer to run this program over 12 days and three 4 day weekends.
  • Spend three days getting a solid foundation in Meta Programs - unconscious perceptual filters - the keys to predicting and influencing behaviour.

    Multiply your understanding
    of why people respond so differently in similar situations. What an individual will pay attention to and what they are likely to miss; how they'll process information and how they can be expected to function in a given situation or task. 

    These powerful filters play an important role in many of the most useful applications NLP offers business. They have a direct link to  job fit, productivity, workplace stress, team work and coaching.  They are a great diagnostic tool and the basis of motivation and behaviour assessments. 
    Learn more:
    Motivation & Behaviour
  • Experience a two day quantum language 'intensive' where you'll discover the power of simple everyday words (word power) to access resources and make behavioural changes during ordinary conversation. Use advanced submodalities to test your work and ratify change. 
  • You'll spend two full days working with Values and value systems, keys to creating long term change and integrating new behaviours—in any context.  Gain a deeper understanding of human motivation from the perspective of Motives—the hidden drivers of behaviour—the universal need for Achievement, Power and Affiliation.

    Experience the Innergize Breakthrough Coaching model both as a client and as a Master Practitioner! This is a proven process is a sure way to accelerate success and goal achievement in a specific area, and a powerful tool for anyone who coaches.

  • Spend a day working with the Dilts model of Vision, Mission, Identity, Values, Beliefs, Capabilities and Behaviour.  Discover how these elements can support personal and organizational goals, or create hurdles and block performance. 

    Learn how to apply the model and align the elements to support, motivate and energize people and organizations to take effective actions. You'll receive templates and exercises used by NLP business consultants around the world.
  • Integrate all you've learned so far by completing a mini modeling assignment in class. Identify the critical strategies, values, beliefs and filters one person uses to create excellence in a specific area, for the purpose of teaching the essential elements to another.
  • Learn advanced NLP change work like the compulsion blow out, neuro-drivers, and time based techniques. (We admit it, things usually get a bit hilarious by this point.  Changing is so much fun ... and it is happening easily...)
  • Finally spend a day integrating everything you've learned playing with metaphors and practicing NLP training techniques.
If you’ve completed the NLP Practitioner Program and you’re ready to deepen your skills and focus on the business applications of NLP, this program is the choice for you to make.
Take advantage of our early booking discount and get started on your companion MP3 CD (included free with this program.) These very popular tapes include a demonstration of a Values Interview and a Breakthrough Session.
Weekend Program - 12 full days over 3 Thursday-Sunday sessions
Place: Toronto
Session One: Dates TBA
Session Two: Dates TBA
Session Three: Dates TBA

Hours: 1:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. weekdays
           10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday

Investment: $2,695 Cdn + 13% HST
Early Birds save $300.
Instructor: Wauneen McMonagle, Certified Trainer of NLP and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™, Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Certified LAB Profile Trainer and Consultant.

Important: Certification will be awarded to those individuals who successfully complete this course and demonstrate their ability to use NLP in an ethical and professional manner.  All others will receive a certificate of completion.

Innergize Training Coaching Consulting is a recognized Institute and member of the International Network For Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™ (INHNLP™) This training meets international standards set by the INHNLP™ in addition to CANLP and American Board of NLP (ABNLP) recommendations. 

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