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Meta Programs At Work Booklet
See a picture at: Meta Program Resources
This 45 page, spiral bound booklet gives you the key elements you need in a quick reference format.

●  Designed as a quick reference for Meta Programs in business. Provides the facts without the stories.

●  The booklet offers basic guidelines for using the filters, then covers Values/Criteria and 13 key Meta
    Programs for business - motivation and working traits.

Each Meta Program begins with a small graphic demonstrating the filter 'in action' or not, and then goes on to cover:
  • Recognition: question, language, behaviour.
  • Influencing Language
  • Implications for Managing people and Sales and Service.
  • A convenient form for Meta Program interviews. (Motivation And Behaviour interviews.*)

For more on the value of Motivation And Behaviour Interviews* go to:

Motivation & Behaviour Interviews
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