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Innergize Clients Speak UP - What Participants Say About The Seminars 
Communications workshop for branch administrators ...
“I have been in different training on communications but this one can truly give me something to take away. The trainer is very knowledgeable.” F. L.
“Very thought provoking - opened my mind to many new concepts - how to more effectively deal with others and understand myself! Trainer was dynamic and I enjoyed the participatory way she instructs.” C. F.
“Extremely effective - well organized, very creative. Trainer is fabulous! Presentation is informative and calming. Gave me confidence to look outside of stress’ and approach my life (in all areas) in a more positive way.” T. T.
“I think the information provided was practical, usable and a doable’ process for improving my influence and interpersonal relationships both at work and home.” E. W.
“Great information. Awesome Power Point.™ Relaxed environment and group plays’ to understand oneself. Good examples of real situations and stories.” M. R.
Half Day Coaching Program for Managers ...
“Great and truly appreciate Wauneen's ability to go with the flow’ of the class and respond to all of our questions. Really liked the learning guide. Think the workshop warranted more time. Three hours was not enough to cover such a weighty topic”
S. H. Director, Change Management
“Excellent. Conveyed coaching’ meaning, put to use application - engaged group. Would like more time for the subject.” M. M. Manager, Order Processing
“We scratched the surface on communication skills that would greatly benefit management. I would gladly return to this training and this trainer.”
 K M. Manger, Publishing Process
“Excellent. Very Helpful. I took away several very specific techniques that I'll be able to use.”
M. J. Director, Product Information
Workplace Conflicts (difficult conversations) Sensitive Issues
“Excellent material, chunked to make retention easy. Loved the practice sessions, rotating of roles to stretch me out of the comfort zone. The laminated guides will be excellent references when we are back in the office.” N. S.
“Provided valuable tools to better handle conversations and relationships at the office and at home. Kept my attention through the day!” I. C.
“Great, practical, helpful. I was skeptical at first, but the exercises made you think. Feel I can deal with issues in different ways. Made me aware of more!”
A. V. Production Manager
“Both the training and the trainers were excellent - lots of food for thought and presented in a very learner friendly manner.  Lot's of practices that we can start using.” D. R. 
“The training was very beneficial to me. I learned how to handle difficult situations while keeping rapport. I loved the real life scenarios we worked through - made it easier to practice the techniques learned in class.”
J. K. Accountant
“Excellent. Well thought out and paced. Informative and the small group exercises were a great reinforcement to the information provided.” M. F.
“Very informative. A new way of looking at a situations. The enthusiasm and confidence of the trainer flows through to all of the attendees.” D. B. 
Influencing Minds Mastering Motives ...
(Mapping Customer Motivation/The Psychology of Persuasion)
“Gave great clarity, definition and explanation to our own and our clients behaviour and reason for making decisions. That will help me a great deal in observing and uncovering needs.” A. Y. Mortgage Broker 
“Was able to understand why people will react differently to my approach and now I know how to change the way I approach and communicate’ with people to truly communicate! ”
 F. O., Investment Advisor
“The workshop provides effective physiological and communication tools to deal with co-workers, clients, my spouse, children and friends. While I recognize the various filters, the session brought attention and reinforcement and future application definitely will prove fruitful.”
A. G. Mortgage Specialist
“This course gave me the tools that I need to understand and read my clients' objectives, and how to present plans and information to them.”
J. A. Financial Advisor
“Thanks for a great workshop. I am excited to take this (skills) into the real world. It will make a big difference in my outcomes.”
J. C. Investment Advisor
“Good stuff – interesting and informative. Will start to apply it in my practice.”  
R. G. Financial Consultant
“A real eye opener. I learned new tools I can use, apply and improve my skills. Group participation and practical sessions were well worth it. (The trainer) is awesome, excellent and warm. She delivered the material very well and made it easy to understand. Overall – excellent.”
F. K. Financial Advisor
“Very good! Trainer had extensive knowledge of the content.”
J. A. Real Estate Agent
For more comments see: Influencing Minds Mastering Motives

NLP Practitioner Program

A client comments one year after completing the program:
“I have been thinking how lucky I am to have taken the NLP plunge and experienced what it can do if you allow it. It is my personal laser now and cuts through all of the x––x and challenges that life throws at you, and I literally feel that nothing is out of reach now.”   

“I finally realize that true power is power over yourself and your own actions, not power over other people, quite refreshing indeed!!!!”

“Interesting how all of this started with just a simple 'Yes' to attend Practitioner last year.”
Sebastian Caruso, IT Consultant, Coach and Trainer
“Great techniques presented in a very light and easy way. It is always nice to also use the techniques to experience the change immediately. Nice to take away ideas that can be used for personal and business use.”
Ken Yip-Chuck, Financial Planner (CFP)

Advice offered for others considering the program:
Open your mind, Be prepared to be amazed and what drops in.

“Extraordinary, correcting my life, bringing fun back.”
Bernhard Gwosdz, Engineer

Advice offered for others considering the program:
Definitively, Yes!

“Trainer really helped focus and provides just the right amount of knowledge and science behind NLP.”  

Advice for others considering the program:
“Great program, provides just the right amount of practical and theory.”
Bill Green, CFP, Financial Planner

“Excellent, looking forward to being and doing more using NLP techniques and strategies.”

Advice for others considering the program:
do it!" Avrum Liderman, CFP, Financial Planner

“Wauneen made the learning fun and integrated theory, stories and practice. You are a great story teller! I really enjoyed hearing real life stories of NLP use and the successful changes made in others' lives.”

Advice offered for others considering the program:
“Helpful in sales and building rapport; techniques for self behaviour and issues are easy and fun to employ; building on positive aspects of individuals becoming even better.”
Ann Gill, Banking Consultant

“Fascinating and transformational most of the time.”

Advice offered for others considering the program:
“Make sure you read over your notes of the day in the evening, and practice.” Wanda Westover, Real Estate Agent

“Excellent material. I like the course spread out over a few months. The trainer (has) a great attitude. (And is) non-judgmental making learning fun and easy. Speak with (the trainer) and see if you are ready for this program. If you are, your life will go forward tenfold.”
Brad Kwiatkowski, Engineer
“The training exceeded my expectations. The trainer is very patient and takes the time to address all the questions. I will definitely use the techniques in my everyday life. Come with an open mind and be ready to be amazed.”
Florence Grunfelder, Account Manager, Financial Services
“When I arrived at this course in September I had some issues I wanted to tackle. I have received so much more over the past few weeks! I have so much more to move myself towards the life I desire to live.”
Judi Pressman, Director of Sales
“Wonderful personally and professionally, to achieve a learning I have long wanted. And to break through to new goals beyond my earlier expectations. I am amazed and delighted. Thank you so much.”
B. W., Certified Financial Planner
“There were many useful techniques I learned over these past few months. (Trainer) was an amazing Coach, she had tons of energy and a wealth of tools for ... I'm looking forward to using many of the NLP techniques in my work with clients and overcoming obstacles in my own life.”
Michelle Sher, Fitness Instructor, Coach, Mom and more! 
“I found the training provided useful and insightful techniques to overcome conscious and unconscious blocks, quickly and effectively. And I can't wait to see how much farther these last changes will go!”
Jason Ayala, Sales and Trader 'in training!!'
“This training exceeded my  expectations.  The content is well designed, aligned with adult learning principals and the facilitation was absolutely exceptional. The trainer has an incredible gift of leveraging the concepts and linking them to exactly where the learner is at.  I personally learned so much from her as a trainer.”
V. W., Consultant and Trainer

NLP is the ‛missing link’ in most  seminars promising to advance your career!”
F. K.,  Financial Advisor
“Wow! Far exceeded my wildest expectations. True life changing impacts. Will recommend to many.”
S. C., IT Consultant
“Excellent program. Comprehensive.  Inspiring and fun! (Trainer) is an  excellent model of the effectiveness of NLP.  Resourceful, expansive and always in uptime!”
S. B.,  MD 
“This is the most professional training I have ever experienced.  It wasn't until this training that I was able to integrate several other NLP seminars.”
T. H., Sales Consultant
NLP Master Practitioner Program
“Excellent course and instructor.  (It) has brought together all the elements of NLP into a cohesive pattern and I really appreciate it being in an immediately usable form
S. B., MD
“Excellent process for breakthrough training.  Builds charisma, confidence, awareness, rapport, and even more humor into your professional and personal life. Very personal touch!”
 B. T., General Manager
“This is a great program both from a personal and professional perspective. Wauneen, is a wonderful trainer, coach and mentor. Thank you!”
J. G., Change Consultant
“You're perfect, as a trainer. I came in (less than happy)... and left smiling and laughing. What more can I say. Your commitment for everyone to get their outcome is truly outstanding and inspiring. Thank you.”
M. H., Counselor
“Wonderful - solidifies the learning from Practitioner level - ties in new resources for greater depth and breadth to bring into my life and out into the world.”
L. P., Massage Therapist and mother.
“Beyond words. Once again, delivery far exceeded my original expectations. Challenge your expectations, and take this training!”
S. C., IT Consultant
“Amazing, powerful, revitalizing for relationships and life at work and at home. Words are not enough!!!”
B. W., CFP
“Good. In fact very good! A chance to learn and stretch.”
A. K., Financial Advisor
And one year after taking Master Practitioner ....
In the last year, I have used my new skills to get great results at work in two areas. One, people management and effective hiring, and two, internal state management (focus on success) and achieving my goals. Especially meta programs, values and Breakthrough Coaching.”
M. S., Software Development Manager
More client comments about our NLP Certification Programs and Ericksonian Hypnosis are included in the program pages. See links for Certifications (above.) 





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