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Performance Management Workshops
Three modules: Planning CoachingEvaluating.
The Planning Workshop
Sets the purpose for a performance management process.
  • Managers learn to partner with employees to build mutually acceptable plans that create ownership and accountability for specific performance improvement.
  • Together they set standards, measurements, milestones and checkpoints which will be used to evaluate performance.
  • This reduces the potential for surprise during an Evaluation, making that process less stressful for managers and more meaningful for the employee. 
The Coaching Workshop
Coaching is the critical element in effective and motivating performance programs.
  1. Coaching multiplies the productive use of time for everyone involved.
  • Managers are able to develop their people while achieving important goals.
  • Staff have the opportunity to learn and grow on the job, reducing time away for training.
  1. Consistent coaching eliminates surprises at evaluation time, neutralizing the stress normally associated with Evaluations.
  2. Because people receive regular feedback, learning and productivity is enhanced. 

The workshop provides a practical guide for Coaching —bridging the gap between existing performance and goals set during the planning process.

Content varies depending on the coaching experience of the participants and may include a full Coaching Model if required. Link to:
Coaching Skills

  The Evaluation Workshop
The Evaluation closes the Performance Management loop by comparing actual performance to plan, and begins the new cycle by setting up the planning process.
  • Managers learn how to prepare for the evaluation by documenting observable actions and concrete results. This includes tracking coaching contacts in support of specific performance issues
  • which reinforces the need for ongoing coaching.
  • Participants follow a guide to conduct an Evaluation interview that is clearly based on fact, and is comfortable and non-judgmental for both parties.

The program includes time for the discussion of what if factors - what if this happens - and offers techniques to support specific issues faced by the organization.

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