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NLP Life Skills For High School, College and University Students

This workshop is only offered to private groups and may be integrated with other programs for young people.

Transitioning through high school and on to college or university can be ...  awesome, overwhelming and sometimes even intimidating.  

The environments are very different – with more freedoms and also more responsibilities.

Larger classes sizes and less one-to-one contact with instructors.  Less time in-class and more reading, lab work and assignments completed on your own. Coping with new social situations and making new friendships.

You can muddle through or ...

Prepare for success through high school, college, university and beyond, with a unique combination of accelerated learning strategies and NLP life skills. 

Strategies for Student Success

Five action-packed days of study strategies, habits, tips and success skills will increase your confidence and lower your stress. You'll focus on three areas.

1.  Personal excellence and self-reliance

  • Test drive 5 powerful beliefs shared by high achievers (they predict and enable success)

  • Set goals that are believable and achievable

  • Let go of habits you've out-grown and release old fears 

  • Break through self-imposed barriers blocking your success

  • Make better choices – a quick, effective method for weighing options and possible consequences before you decide!

  • Stay motivated and in control of your emotional energy

  • Manage multiple priorities – a powerful time management technique you can use in every part of your life

2.  Communications and Relationships (social skills)

  • Learn advanced communications skills

  • Make friends easily and comfortably

  • Express your opinions and feelings in a clear, positive manner

  • Really hear the other person's message

  • Resolve conflicts with instructors, professors, friends and family. Prevent them when you can.

  • Handle peer pressure and set personal boundaries

  • Improve all your relationships

3.  Getting the most from your study time 

  • Stop struggling and start learning the way your brain is made to learn.

  • Get better grades using accelerated learning strategies

  • Reduce the time you spend making notes and studying for exams

  • Speed up reading and improve comprehension (the ‘quantum’ reading technique)

  • Resolve dyslexia and ADD if needed

  • Master exam stress once and for all with mental conditioning.

Improve performance – in your studies, sports, public speaking, social skills and personal relationships. Have more confidence and less stress. Stay motivated, resourceful and maintain positive expectations.

The workshop includes hands-on learning activities, experiments and exercises, plus frequent ‘movement’ breaks.

Investment: $595.00 plus G.S.T.

This program can be packaged within an existing camp experience.

Hours: 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM

See what students and parents say about our Study Smart class:
Study Smart

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