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Influencing Minds Mastering Motives is a workshop tailored for business users of NLP. It includes nonverbal communications skills and linguistic cues for decoding unconscious motivation - valuable skills for anyone working in sales, marketing, or managing and motivating a team.

This is a workshop that will empower the whole team - sales, customer service, product marketing specialists and managers, front line and support staff.

Discover why many experts would say 'following the golden Rule' is flawed advice. And that anyone wishing to sell, influence, persuade or motivate others would be better following the Platinum rule – doing unto others as they would prefer be done.

People have different tastes, needs, desires and interests, so figuring out what others want and where they are coming from, how they view their situation and how they set priorities is essential for success. And it sounds simple. Yet ...

Have you ever walked away from an important conversation feeling that you were only getting half the story?

Or found yourself in the middle of a sales presentation feeling something significant may have happened that you missed, and a problem may be lurking?

We can all remember being blindsided at one time or another, and it's not fun. Not profitable either. So how do you prevent that feeling in the future.

Neuro-linguistic and nonverbal communications are key elements for decoding emotions, motivation and intentions. Sensing what clients and others really want, so you can help them make better decisions personally, and in business. 

The techniques presented have application for managing others, selling and providing customer service, marketing, even hiring and and retaining the best people. 

They will help you see beneath the surface of what people say and give you insight into the deeper values motivating behaviour. Satisfying those deeper values is the key to long term relationships. Interpreting unconscious and non-verbal communications is a critical skill for success.

Ideal for managers, sales and marketing professionals, coaches, consultants, trainers and teams who would like to:

  • Craft more powerful messages,
  • unlock the other person's thinking strategies,
  • activate their hidden ‘motivators’
  • and create compelling reasons for action!

Experienced sales people use Influencing Minds Mastering Motives as an advanced workshop to sharpen skills, distinguish themselves from the competition and design motivating benefit stories for their products.

Managers and teams facing new challenges and aggressive performance targets, gain a critical edge — enhanced cooperation and collaboration — from Influencing Minds Mastering Motives. 

Those marketing products and ideas, will find Influencing Minds Mastering Motives provides the tools to take advantage of new research in consumer behaviour, psychology and linguistics. 

When you ask people what they want ...

Have you ever noticed that what people say they want rarely resembles what they end up deciding, buying, or doing? 

How does this happen?

Three insights from neuroscience ...
  1. When asked about product choices, if people don't know consciously, they will make up salient, plausible and socially acceptable reasons for what they do.(1)
    In other words, customers will tell you what they think they should want, based on social influences - a tendency that has led to some costly miss-takes in consumer research.

  2. While features and benefits supply the rational reasons to justify a decision once it is made, the unconscious sensory elements of an experience have a far greater influence (positive or negative) on emotions, buying decisions and customer loyalty.(1)

  3. Non-verbal cues and linguistic markers provide the most accurate information about what people want and intend to do, because they are largely unconscious. (2)

(1) J. Le Doux, Center for Neural Science, NYU, Your Emotional Brain 1989
(2) J. Kagan, Harvard Mind:Brain:Behavior Initiative, 2002

Back to assessments and behaviour interviews

So ...when you ask someone what they want, a customer, co-worker, family member or friend, what they tell you may be influenced by:
  • What they think they should say (what others would say)
  • What they want you to think about them
  • What they want to think about themselves

What they decide may also be influenced by:

  • Sights, sounds, scents, temperature and tactile interactions with the environment
  • Your own voice tonality, facial expressions, body language and choice of words
What can you expect from Influencing Minds, Mastering Motives?
While this workshop doesn't promise to solve all your sales and communications challenges, it will introduce three skills worth learning:
  • How to dig deeper for the real reasons people will buy your ideas, products ...
  • How to use specific process words and other non-verbal behaviour to communicate unconscious value
  • How to read the critical non-verbal cures that reveal more than others can or will tell you.

Non-verbal and unconscious communications skills are critical - whether you're selling products to customers, or ideas to your staff and colleagues.

What the program offers
This workshop combines techniques from both the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs, including and introduction to perceptual filters or Meta Programs, one of the most valuable tools NLP offers for business use.

 Influencing Minds Mastering Motives you'll learn to:

  • Discover each customer's hidden needs and secret motivators - the deal makers or deal breakers - through values.
  • Use five critical questions to create a mental map of each customer's buying strategy for your product.

    How they process information, what they notice and what they'll edit out - a map you can use to lead them comfortably and successfully through the sales process.

    These questions will give you powerful insights into why people respond so differently from one instance to the next, as well as one person from another. 
  • Connect your features and benefits story’ to the customer's needs in a way that give each customer a compelling and positive sense of the impact your product will have. And a powerful reason to buy.
  • Draw out the high quality information customers only share when there is a deep level of trust.
  • Test information for accuracy as you gather it.  Non-verbal clues’ - voice tonality, facial expressions, physiology and process words -  often reveal more than your customers can, or will tell you.

    With practice, you'll begin to notice how others are perceiving your communication from moment-to-moment.  When they're with you, and when they're not. 
  • Adjust your own non-verbal clues’ to neutralize objections and lead customers back-on-track, quickly and comfortably. To deepen trust and manage the emotional tone of the conversation.
Instruction, demonstration, practice & coaching
The information is presented in short blocks of instruction, followed by a demonstration and practice exercises designed to transfer the skills to everyday life.

You'll receive individual coaching during the practice exercises, and follow-up coaching is available after the class.
Long term benefits
Two to three months after attending Influencing Minds Mastering Motives participants report:
  • Sales improve — double digit increases for most people.
  • Productivity goes up (it's easy to do more when your effort gets results.)
  • Relationships improve across the board — with customers, co-workers and family and friends — and leads to...
  • Positive challenge stress is activated and negative stress levels go down.
  • Team members gain new insights into why others behave the way they do.
  • Tolerance, collaboration and cooperation increases as members begin to appreciate and value their differences. Overall the program has a powerful impact on morale and team dynamics.

If your success depends on influencing and selling ideas, understanding the science behind why people buy and how to win their loyalty, is skill you can take to the bank!

In their own words —what participants reported three days after the workshop:
“ Thanks again for your great course last weekend! I timidly used the values questions and ‘process’ with a prospect today on the phone, and was instantly able to build a level of trust and more importantly, understand his issues more clearly. And sure enough, we are meeting again — to finalize account transfers...a new client! 

“ The thing is that I was about to drop him as a prospect after several calls which had not been successful!  Thank you very much!!!! ”
F. O., Investment Advisor
See additional participant comments at the bottom of the page.

Influencing Minds Mastering Motives ...

Is easily customized for groups. When possible, deliver the program over a series of half day sessions. 

This allows participants to integrate new skills at a comfortable pace — and resist falling back into the comfort of old habits. 

If the training is given in a condensed time frame, plan for review sessions and coaching to sustain the new skills while participants are out of their comfort zone.

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Comments from Participants ...
“ Very exciting concept. Will definitely try to come back to Canada for the Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses! ”
   S. H., Optician, UK

Was able to understand why people will react differently to my approach and now I know how to change the way I approach and communicate with people to truly communicate! ”
F. O., Investment Advisor

Amazing, I can see the tip of the iceberg and look forward to integrating these skill into my life.”
A. W. Financial Services Org.
“Surprising, revealing, a new approach to dealing with others.”
N. M. Financial Services
“The training was way better than I expected. I did pick up a lot I can use in my tomorrow sale.”
C. C. Financial Services

I enjoyed it thoroughly. I will continue to raise my proficiency in this fascinating field. Trainer was very likeable, knowledgeable and obviously in-sync with the participants.”
J. F., Company Director, UK

“ I'll be back for more! ”
P. S. Manager, Personal Banking
“The session provides an effective psychological and communications tool to deal with people on a daily basis - co-workers, clients, my spouse, children and friends.”
P. W. Financial Services
“Gave great clarity, definition and explanation to ourselves and our client's behaviour and reasons for making decisions. Will help a great deal in observing and uncovering needs.”
A. Y. Financial Services
See more comments at:
Client Comments.

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