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Communication Essentials, Nonverbal Communications, Sales Seminars

Communication Essentials
Move beyond simple body language and decode subtle nonverbal clues and unconscious communications. 
Multiply the impact of all your communications

Unconscious messages impact the meaning of every conversation. Your ability to recognize unconscious signals like nonverbal behavior – body language, facial expressions, breathing, voice tonality – and other linguistic clues are essential for effective communication.

  • Sharpen your awareness – literally hear with your eyes and see with your ears

  • Decode the messages revealed by voice intonation, changes in breathing, facial colour and other subtle clues

  • Learn how your own nonverbal behaviour can encourage high quality, open dialogue 

  • Share information quickly and accurately – ensure that ‘what you mean’ is ‘what they hear’

  • Recognize two clues that mean STOP talking – and ask a critical question 

  • Use empowering questions and language – focus on positive outcomes

  • Neutralize resistance so listeners can consider what you say 

  • Test for understanding and acceptance of your own messages in real time. 

The program can be tailored to meet your specific needs and adapted for sales teams, customer service  marketing, coaches and trainers. Time required may vary depending on the skill level and objectives of the group.

This program is tailored for in-house groups. Public sessions may be scheduled from time to time.
Workplace ConflictsSensitive Issues, Difficult People
Have you ever avoided giving sensitive feedback? Feedback that would have ultimately benefited the other person? 

Or settled for mediocre results because you were afraid of damaging a sensitive relationship – by having a difficult conversation?

This one day program (with follow-up) provides a concrete package of tools and techniques for dealing with difficult people and sensitive personal and professional issues.

And having those difficult conversations we postpone.

  • Transform personal and professional differencesinto opportunities for growth.

  • Clear potential issues before they grow roots.

  • Give people an action plan for seeing the world through another's perceptions. 

  • Give effective feedback on sensitive issues.

Includes visual cue cards participants can use after the workshop to guide them through a process of self examination, discovering new perspectives and having the 'sensitive conversation.'

Contact us directly if you'd like more information for your organization.

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